Union of Business Automators (UNIONBA) is a public organization that unites professionals in the field of automation of business, interested in the development of modern information technologies, their popularization and effective use in various branches of the economy.

The main objective of the САБ is to facilitate the creation of new information systems for the automation of enterprises, provision of high-quality support and implementation of such systems, expansion of the network of professional companies for business automation, educational and educational work.

The САБ monitors the quality of services provided by the participants, for this a single system of quality standards and automation services has been developed.

Understanding of methodological principles of construction and technologies of functioning of configurations, skills of practical implementation of user tasks, practical skills of configuration in the business automation software environment for the development of existing or adding new functionality in application solutions
For the right to teach certified courses
Business automation software
  • Definition of key operations and critical errors
    • Duration of key operations and their integral estimates on the APDEX scale
    • Block errors
    • System errors
    • Security Bugs
    • Fall of the server cluster
    • Hanging a cluster of servers
  • Solving performance problems
    • Query optimization
    • Refactoring code
  • Solving parallelism problems
    • Finding deadlocks and eliminating them
    • Finding lock escalations and eliminating them
  • Performing SQL SERVER routine operations and setting up their automatic execution
    • Backup databases
    • Crop database and transaction log
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