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The software "Accounting for Ukraine" includes the technological platform "1С: Enterprise 8" and the configuration (applied decision) "Accounting for Ukraine". The rules of accounting are configured in the configuration.

"Accounting for Ukraine" is intended for automation of accounting and tax accounting, including preparation of mandatory (regulated) reporting, in organizations that carry out any types of commercial activity: wholesale and retail trade, commission trade (including subcommission ), provision of services, production, etc. Accounting and tax accounting is conducted in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

"Accounting for Ukraine" provides for solving all tasks facing the accounting service of the enterprise, if the accounting service is fully responsible for accounting in the enterprise, including, for example, the statement of primary documents, accounting of sales, etc. This application can also be used exclusively for accounting and tax accounting, and the task of automating other services, such as sales department, to solve specialized configurations or other systems.

The "Accounting for Ukraine" is included in the plan of accounting accounts, which corresponds to the Order of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine "On Approval of the Plan of Accounts and Instructions for its use" dated November 30, 1999, No. 291. The composition of accounts, the organization of analytical, foreign exchange, quantitative accounting in the accounts meet the requirements of legislation on accounting and displaying data in the reporting. If necessary, users can independently create additional subaccounts and analytical accounting sections.

Accounting "from the document" and typical operations

The main way of displaying business operations in accounting is the introduction of configuration documents that correspond to the primary accounting documents. In addition, direct input of individual postings is allowed. You can use typical operations for a group-type posting - a simple automation tool that a user can easily and quickly set up.

Conduct accounting of several organizations

With the help of "Accounting for Ukraine" it is possible to conduct accounting and tax accounting of economic activity of several organizations. An account for each organization can be maintained in a separate information base. At the same time, "1С: Бухгалтерия 8 for Ukraine" provides the possibility of accounting and tax accounting of several organizations in the general information base (and in the role of individual organizations can act as individual entrepreneurs). This is convenient if their business activities are closely interrelated: you can use general lists of goods, contractors (business partners), employees, warehouses (storage places), etc., and compulsory reporting to be formed separately.