The software product "Salary and HRM for Ukraine" includes a technologicalplatform "1C:Enterprise 8" and the configuration (applied solution) "Salary and HRM for Ukraine". rules accounting records are configured exactly in the configuration.


The program "Salary and HRM for Ukraine" is a powerful toolto implement the personnel policy of the enterprise, as well as automation of variousservices of the enterprise, starting from the service of personnel management and line managers to the employees of the accounting department in the following directions:

  • planning of staff requirements;
  • providing business with personnel;
  • competency management and employee certification;
  • training management;
  • management of financial motivation of personnel;
  • effective planning of employment of personnel;
  • personnel accounting and personnel analysis;
  • labor relations, including personnel records management;
  • calculation of staff salaries;
  • Manage cash settlements with personnel, including depositing;
  • calculation of taxes and taxes regulated by lawthe wage fund;
  • Reflection of accrued wages and taxes in the costs of the enterprise.

In the configuration, special attention is paid toautomation of managerial activity of personnel managers. In particular, The following tools are included in the configuration, which allow solving the main tasks, The problems encountered in planning both for personnel managers and leaders of different levels:

  • A frame-capture tool that allows you to perform the entire procedure recruitment, including correspondence with candidates formail;
  • employee leave planning tool;
  • tools for managing competencies and conducting attestations;
  • tools for managing employee training;
  • tool for developing employee motivation schemes.