DEMO on-line

The software product "Trade Management for Ukraine" is a modern tool for increasing the efficiency of the business of a trading enterprise. The solution allows

  • increase the productivity of all services of the trading company
  • work with operational information reflecting the current state of the enterprise at a given time;
  • quickly and in a convenient way receive reports for decision-making at different levels.

Ver.3.1 Functionality

"Trade Management for Ukraine" ver.3.1 automates the following areas of trading activities:

  • planning and plan-actual analysis of sales and purchases
  • sales management (including wholesale, retail and commission trade)
  • supply management
  • inventory management, in particular an address warehouse in a simple or order scheme
  • managing relationships with suppliers and customers
  • managing customer orders and internal orders of units
  • customer self-service via the web
  • managing customer interactions through sales representatives
  • processing of claims;
  • money management, in particular the formation of a payment calendar
  • accounting and analysis of commercial costs;
  • managing mutual settlements with customers, suppliers and accountable persons
  • price analysis and price policy management
  • integration with trading equipment; integration with "1C: Accounting for Ukraine", "1C: Retail for Ukraine";
  • monitoring and analysis of the effectiveness of trading activities